Difference between software Verification and Validation

·        Verification is the process whereby the products of a part of the development are evaluated to see if they meet the specified requirements.
·        The objective of Verification is to ensure that the product developed meets the requirements and design specifications.
·        Following activities are involved in Verification: Review, Meetings and Inspections.
·        Verification is performed by the QA team to check whether the implementation software is in the specification document or not.
·        Code implementation is not covered under Verification.
·        The verification process explains whether the outputs are according to input or not.
·        Verification is performed before validation.
·        The following items are reviewed during verification: plans, required specifications, design specifications, codes, test cases, etc.
·        The number of errors found in Verification is lower than the errors in Validation.
·        It is usually manual to check documents and files such as the requirement specifications, etc.
·        Validation is the software evaluation process at the end of the development process to determine whether the software meets the expectations and requirements of the customer.
·        The objective of Validation is to ensure that the product actually meets user requirements and first of all checks if the specifications are correct.
·        Activities involved in validation: testing such as black box testing, testing of white boxes, testing of gray boxes etc.
·        Validation was performed by the testing team.
·        The implementation of the code falls under Validation.
·        The Validation process describes whether the software is accepted by the user or not.
·        Validation activity is only performed after verification.
·        The following item will be reviewed during Validation: Actual product or Software reviewed.
·        The costs of errors that are caught in Validation are more than the errors that are found in Verification.
·        In fact, it reviews the generated program based on the required specifications, documents and files.