Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Kinds of Culture

According to the subject there are four types of culture.
1. Individual culture:
Each individual has some personal traits and qualities which guide his habits of thinking and behaving in all fields of human activities. These personal likes and dislikes, interests, modes of thinking and patterns social behaviour constitute his personal culture.
2. Communal culture:
As in the case of individual culture, different communities exhibit their distinct traits of life styles comprising specific modes of community beliefs and life styles. All the members of different communities show different traits known as community culture.
3. National culture:
Similarly, each nation has some distinct national traits and attributes of character which condition its national patterns of ideals, values, modes of thought and behaviour. Such national traits are known as national culture.
4. World culture:
Due to the rapid rise in the means of transport and communication, the world has shrunk into a small unit with the result that different nations of the world live together as members of a world community having common values, namely co-operation, sympathy, social service, social awakening and social sensitiveness etc. there by constituting a world culture. 

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