Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Characteristics of Educational Research , According to Anaekwe (2002)

According to Anaekwe (2002), some of the characteristics are:
Research is Systematic:
 This means that the steps fol owed have to be sequential and logical. The procedures used can be repeated by another research to verify the findings.
Research is Objective: 
This means that the findings are reported as they are. The biases, prejudices, beliefs or interests of the researcher and/or the society are not allowed to interfere with the research procedure and/or results.
Research Report is Precise: 
This is pertinent as the use of vocabulary which is capable of multiple interpretation is not encouraged.
Research is Testable/Measurable: 
 Research is not speculative, but quantifiable.  It
becomes imperative that data collected for research must be measurable and tested against a specified hypothesis.
Research is Replicable/Verifiable: 
Results or findings of a research can be verified by the researcher or any other person interested in the findings. This can be done by going through the data used in the study or the processes involved. The research can be replicated by re-administering the same instrument or similar instrument of data
collection to the same subjects or similar group of subjects. This replication can help one to justify the authenticity or otherwise of an earlier conclusion.

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