Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Characteristics of Low Self-Esteem or shy out students

 Johnson (2004) identified some characteristics of low self esteem or shy out students:
·         Fearful of exploring his/her real life
·         Believes that others are responsible for how he/she feels
·         Fearful of taking responsibility for his/her own emotions and actions
·         Feels and acts like a victim
·         Judgmental of self and others
·         Puts self down , shameful ,blaming, self critical ,condemning
·         Negative attitude
·         Triangulates by talking badly about one person to another
·         Rationalizes
·         Jealous/envious of others, has trouble being genuinely happy for the success of others
·         Perfectionist
·         Dependencies/addiction , compulsive, self defeating thinking and behavior
·         13.Does not like the work one does
·         Focuses on what doesn’t get done instead of what does
·         Leaves tasks and relationship unfinished and walks away without resolving issues
·         Judges self worth by comparing to others , feel inferior
·         Does not accept or give compliments
·         Is not comfortable with self , hard to be alone with self
·         Avoids new endeavors ,fears mistakes or failures
·         Irrational response ruled by emotions
·         Lack of purpose in life
·         Lack of defined goals
·         Feels adequate to handle new situations , easily unstressed
·         Feel resentful when doesn’t win
·         Vulnerable to opinions , comments and attitude of others
·         Continues  to  blame  past  experience  (or  family)  in  stead  of  dealing  with  current  self  (the  past  is  the explanation , not an excuse).

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