Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Solo Taxonomy Stages

 1- Prestructural.
·         Student does not identify the objective.
·         The student acquires bits of unconnected information that have no organization and make no sense.
·         This is not a stage that we want to foster through questioning so we will not pursue it further.
2- Unistructural.
·         Identify, complete simple procedures.
·         Students make simple and obvious connections between pieces of information.
3- Multistructural.
·         Count, describe, list, combine, do procedure.
·         A number of connections are made, but not the meta-connections between them.
·         Put the list of things into the question.
·         Ask what they have in common.
·         E.g., How many sticks are there for 5 houses?
4- Relational.
·         Compare/contrast, explain causes, analyze, relate, and apply.
·         The students see the significance of how the various pieces of information relate to one another.
·         E.g., If 52 houses require 209 sticks, how many sticks do you need to be able to make 53 houses?
5- Extended Abstract.
·         Theorize, generalize, hypothesize, and reflect.
·         At this level students can make connections beyond the scope of the problem or question, to generalize or transfer learning into a new situation.

·         E.g., Make up a rule to count how many sticks are needed for any number of houses.

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