Disadvantages Audiovisual Aids

Audiovisual tools can be a great tool to use in the classroom. Often they can decorate piercing topics, keep students more involved in their lessons and stimulate their imagination. Video presentations, slideshows, PowerPoint and other media have changed the way teachers reach their students. But these tools do not have their disadvantages. It is important to consider both advantages and disadvantages when considering how you will use audiovisual tools in your classroom. Here we discussed some disadvantages of A.V Aids:
·        Only the hearing has been strengthened
·        Lack of interaction between teacher-student
·        Listening requires concentration
·        The need for a tape recorder or a CD player can be a problem
·        Consultations can lead to prosecution of malpractices
·        Tapping can be an open discussion during the consultation
·        It is easier to lose focus
·        requires a well-designed presentation or material
·        Participants can pay more attention to images than to audio
·        Corrections are difficult if necessary
·        Professional audiovisual aids can be expensive.
·        Audiovisual presentations can take a lot of time to prepare.
·        Some audiovisual tools such as video recorders for older video recordings can be large and difficult during transport.
·        Excessive information can also be worrying because students try to read and / or report while the speaker goes to the next topic.