Definitions of Audio visual aids

1.      According to Kinder S. James: Audio visual aids are any device which can be used to make the learning experience more concrete, more realistic and more dynamic.
2.      According to Burton: audio visual aids are those sensory objects or images which initiate or stimulate and reinforce learning.
3.      According to Carter.v.Good: audio visual aids are those aids which help in completing the triangular process of learning that is motivation, classification and stimulation.
4.      According to good’s dictionary of education: audio visual aids are any thing by means of which learning process may be encouraged or carried on through the sense of hearing or sense of sight.
5.      According to Edger Dale: audio visual aids are those devices by the use of which communication of ideas between persons and groups in various teaching and training situations is helped. These are also termed as multi sensory materials.
6.       According to McKean and Roberts: audio visual aids are supplementary devices by which the teacher, through the utilization of more than one sensory channel is able to clarify, establish and correlate concepts, interpretations and appreciations.
7.      According to KP. Neeraja: an audio visual aid is an instructional device in which the message can be heard as well as seen.


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