Duties & Functions of School Principals

Functions of School Principals
  • Stating Objectives
It is one of the core functions of school administrator/principal to define objectives of school.
  • Give Orientation to newly appointed teachers
Good school principals provide orientation to newly appointed teachers about procedures, rules, laws and real working condition of their schools.
  • Training of Teachers
It is also one of the function of school principal to provide opportunities to less experienced and newly appointed teachers about principles of pedagogy.
  • Delegating Authority
School principal delegate his/her authority to other teachers for taking effective decisions about organizing curricular and co-curricular activities of school.
  • Organization of Curricular and co-curricular activities
School principals organize curricular and co-curricular activities with the help of staff and students in their schools.
  • Self Confidence
You as (school principal or vice principal) should encourage your teaching staff and other staff for good progress and to increase their self-confidence. This way, teachers feel comfort and produce better results.
  • Right Use of Resources
We face most of problems that are related to daily school management because of lack of resources. Therefore, you should attempt to make right use of available resources.
  • Creating Pleasant School Environment
You should attempt to create pleasant school environment with help of good communication skills, motivating your school teachers and other staff members. For this purpose, you should Gain cooperation and developing smooth working relationships with teaching staff and other staff members.
  • Better Result/Progress of School
Every one of us as a school principal think of getting good school results of the students in studies. Therefore, we should indulge our full effort to make it possible through good planning and administration.
  • Division of Work
A good school principal always accomplish most of his daily tasks with the help of other school teachers. So, we should distribute jobs and responsibilities depending upon the capabilities and knowledge of the staff and should monitor overall progress of staff in this regard. It is based of on the principle of Placing the right person on the right job.
  • Social Relations
Social relations are always remained the need for the progress of the school. For this purpose, you need to establish good relations with children and their parents as well as their other family members. Always remember that students of your school are your real ambassadors that work to bring good or bad fame to you school.
Creating and maintaining department morale
You should create and maintain morale of your teaching staff by giving them due respect and providing them opportunities to show their potentials.
 Other functions of school principals are
  1. Protecting employees’ health and physical conditions
  2. Monitor Student drop-in attendance
  3. Generate drop-in attendance reports
  4. To improve the overall success rates of students
  5. To provide an effective learning environment that meets a wide range of learning styles
  6. To support innovatory teaching and learning strategies
  7. demonstrates genuine concern and respect for parents, faculty/staff, and students
  8. treats others with dignity and sensitivity
  9. exhibits high moral standards
  10. models principle-centered leadership
  11. ensures that the important educational and moral values of the school community   influence the decision-making process
  12. makes decisions on sound principles, values, data, policy, and law
Duties of Principals of Schools
There are some professional and ethical duties related to the job of principal of a school. You must have the prior knowledge of these duties as it is useful for you to increase you effectiveness and efficiency.
Supervision of Teaching and Learning Activities
Maintenance of School Standards
Guidance and demonstration of lessons and experiments
Orientation of teachers through in service teaching progress
Evaluation and assessment of pupils’ achievement
Ensuring preparation of instructional Material
Maintenance of School Record
Preparation of Time Table
Organizing Daily School Assembly
Round to different classes
Planning and organizing of School curricular and co-curricular activities with effectiveness
Ensuring excellent results of schools
 Monitoring and Evaluating Teaching Staff
Declaring Admission Policy
Controlling Drop Out
Developing and changing Curriculum
Maintaining School Discipline
Maintaining and promoting Morale of teachers
Generating Funds
Right Use of Resources (Time, Furniture, Building, Rooms, Electricity, Labs, Library, Books etc.)
Allocation of Responsibilities and Duties of Staff
Promoting Cooperation among staff members
Adhere to laws, policies, and regulations
Maintain confidentiality of information
Evaluate personnel with regard to actual performance rather than hearsay or feelings
Avoid using position for personal gain
Develop a written code of ethics for the school
Promote and supports ethical behavior throughout the school community and ensures   that unethical behavior is dealt with
Demonstrate courage in decision making
Apply policies and procedures in a fair (equitable) and impartial manner
Giving Rewards to Teachers and Students on their Achievements


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