Educational Management

Basic functions of Effective Educational Management
The educational management would include four basic functions of:
1.     Planning
2.     Organizing
3.     Decision-making
4.     Control
 Planning includes executing action programs, reviewing, revising and reporting activities, measuring performance against objectives and coordinating inter-related plans and programs.
Educational planning is determination of educational objectives, and policies, program, procedures and methods for attaining them.
Educational organizational would include developing educational institutions’, organizing human resources, implementing organizational change, and establishing lines of authority and monitoring organizational efficiency. Organization is the process by which an educational manger coordinates and directs personnel, materials, equipment and other resources towards the accomplishment of objectives. This function involves defining activities necessary for the fulfillment of pre-determined goals and delegating authority and responsibility.
Decision Making
Decision making would involve developing and improving and applying relevant skills.oit would include group problem solving, implementing and communicating decision, and determining effects of decision.
Manager’s responsibilities, establishing standards of performance evaluating performance, accountability, internal and external control and taking disciplinary action would be covered. It is the process by which the actual performance of activities is measured.
These four functions are inter-related effective execution of each one depends on the other.