Objectives are pre-determined goals to which individual or group activity in an organization is directed.
The objectives of HR Department could be as below. In fact these are the objectives of Personnel Department. You can make necessary changes to fine tune to your requirement.

 1. To achieve an effective utilization of human resources (besides resources) in the achievement of goals of Department.

 2. To establish and maintain an adequate organizational structure and a desirable working relationship among all the members of Department by dividing of organization tasks into functions, positions, jobs and by defining clearly the responsibility, accountability, authority for each job and its relation with other jobs/personnel in the organisation.

 3. To secure the integration of the individuals and groups with an organisation, by reconciling individual/team with those of an organisation in such a manner that the employees feel a sense of involvement, commitment and loyalty towards it.

 4. To generate maximum individual/team development within Department  by offering opportunities for advancement to employees through training and job education, or by effective transfers or by offering retraining facilities.

 5. To recognize and satisfy individual needs and group goals by offering an adequate and equitable remuneration, economic and social security in the form of monetary compensation, and protection against such hazard of life as illness, old age, disability, death, unemployment, etc. so that the employees may work willingly and co-operate to achieve goals of  Department.

 6. To maintain a high morale and better human relations inside Department by sustaining and improving the conditions which have been established so that employees may stick to their jobs for a longer period.