Reasons and arguments given by students throwing litter in the classroom?

What is litter?
We should all throw our litter into the bin, but some students are too lazy or don’t care and drop it on the ground. This is litter! Throwing litter causes lots of problems. It looks untidy and it costs a lot of money to clean up. Litter like broken glass and sharp metal can be very dangerous and standing on these things hurts many students.
Reasons of throwing litter
All sorts of students drop litter, and there are many reasons given as to why this might be. Students have all sorts of theories as to what would stop students from littering. And students also have all sorts of excuses for littering…
 Here are some of the reasons of given by the students throwing litter in classroom:
·         They have no sense of pride in their community and classroom.
·         There is a lack of education / poor parenting of students
·         Students don’t appreciate the consequences of littering (see Effects of litter) 
·         Students  aren’t aware that some items are litter e.g. food, cigarette ends, chewing gum
·         Students think the bins are in the wrong place some it is the reasons of throwing the litter anywhere.
·         They don't want to take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves and taking care of their classroom environment.

·         They are lazy 

It’s easier to leave their rubbish on the ground, or throw it on the floor of classroom than find a bin.

·        They lack self respect
They don’t care about themselves and therefore don’t think that it’s important that they live in a clean environment of the classroom.
·         Lack of respect for the classroom environment       
They don't care what the impact of their littering has on the classroom environment in which they study.

·        Students who litter exhibit low character.
Littering is not attractive and it does not showcase good qualities about a person. It shows that you do not care about your environment or the wellbeing of other residents. Many students should have more respect for their surroundings and public areas. If you litter, others will not look at you as a worthwhile individual. These are viable reasons throwing the litter.

·        It keeps someone in a job’.
Some students think that because litter pickers are employed to pick up litter they are doing them a favour by dropping litter. This is not true. If everyone used the litter bins more students would be needed to empty the bins and stop them overflowing so they would still have a job. It would also stop some of the litter getting blown around and trapped in places that don’t get litter picked, so the environment would be much cleaner and more attractive.

·         ‘This place is already filthy’.
 It has been found that where litter is already present students are more likely to drop their litter. If a place is clean and tidy they are less likely to drop litter. This is why it is important to keep areas free of litter and where it occurs pick it up as soon as possible.

·         ‘It’s not my problem’.
 Some students are more likely to drop litter when they don’t feel any sense of ownership. If they don’t feel that the classroom belongs to them they don’t try to keep it looking nice. Some students are more likely to drop litter when they don’t feel any sense of ownership. If they don’t feel that the classroom belongs to them they don’t try to keep it looking nice. We should try to take a pride in ‘our classroom and do our best to keep it looking great.  
·        ‘There aren’t enough bins’.
It is a common complaint that there aren’t enough bins or that they are in the wrong place. Although the council is always increasing the number of bins available there is a limit to how many can be provided because of the cost involved in installation and maintenance. There are never going to be so many bins so that every time you need one it is right beside you. We all have to get into the habit of putting our rubbish in our pockets or bags until we find a bin.
·        ‘Everyone does it – we don’t even think about it’.
Research into teenagers’ attitudes to littering show that the majority of teenagers who drop litter do it without even thinking about it. Finding a bin would get in the way of whatever else they are doing and it is easier just to drop litter. They do not think of the consequences of littering for themselves or the environment. Hopefully once they are more aware of the consequences of littering they will be more responsible and put their litter in the bin or their pocket.


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