Strategies to Overcome Shyness of students

 Malouff (2008) suggested the following strategies to help the students to overcome their shyness. 
 1.  Tell the students about times when you acted bashful 
2. Explain to the children how they will benefit from acting outgoing
Prevent labeling of the children as "shy".
3.  Expose the children to unfamiliar settings and people
4. Prompt the children to interact with others
5.  Reward the children for outgoing behavior 
6. Praise others' outgoing behavior in the presence of the children 
7.  Read books with the children about individuals who overcome shyness or fears
8. Eliminate teasing of the children or reduce the impact
9. Teach the student to identify and to verbally express their emotions
10.  Coordinate your efforts with those of other relevant adults
11.  Consult a counselor, psychologist, or physician
12. Relationship of Shyness with Self-Esteem students