What is shyness?

Almost all students act shy at times, especially when encountering a new person or situation. Quite sensibly most students take time to figure out what to do (and not do!) when presented with a novel situation.  With time, most students start to feel comfortable in a new situation or with a person they've recently met and, therefore, act more outgoing, relaxed, and ontaneous. Some students, however, warm up much more slowly than others.
Student who is shy may not respond when spoken to by a teacher or classmate even after weeks of academy. Or they may say little, speak very softly, and avoid eye contact. These students may hover near other students day after day but never join the others in play. Shy students may look tense or distracted in institution as they worry about becoming the center of attention or doing something embarrassing.  Teachers never see the students at home smiling, laughing, and chatting away with family members.