What is Human Resources ?

  Every organization has people, which mean every organization needs Human Resources (HR) professionals. HR helps manage and develop the people in an organization. Sometimes called "Personnel" or "Talent Management," HR is the function in charge of an organization's employees, which includes finding and hiring employees, helping them grow and learn in the organization, and
managing the process when an employee leaves. Human Resources take care of people from the time they're interested in the organization to long after they leave. HR professionals as a team must also develop more proactive perceptive of business trends, opportunities and risks in the part of sustainability, as well as the insights and concerns of significant internal and external stakeholders and how to make sure that they are in actual fact involved in the strategy. All the functional and professional groups within an HR specialist organization can be cited as the best place to play a central role in art and science approach to sustainability. HR professionals have not yet participated in maintenance initiatives until their competence and expertise can offer real value.