Effects of development on educational outcomes

Some impacts of educational progress on both school education and higher and technical education can be summarized as follows:
1. Knowledge of the democratic process:
Democracy can only be successful if its citizens are enlarged. By expanding school education through mass education programs, most people who are sometimes illiterate have written and are aware of the process of democratic governance and are actively involved in national development and events in state.
2. Knowledge of rights and obligations:
The study interacts with the individual that he is doing well. He wants to participate in state affairs. He also learned of his rights and this is the result of education.
3. Believe in democratic ideals:
The peoples of the world have fought the belief in democratic ideologies and this is only possible by expanding education at all levels. He now realizes that life is not merely the pleasure of serious physical desires, but maintaining goals such as freedom, freedom, and brotherhood are more important and necessary.
4. Development of human characteristics:
Only by educational qualities such as high moral character, journalism, generosity, patience, compassion, sympathy, brotherhood etc. It can be promoted and promoted and can be seen growing into more people.
5. Performing political tasks:
In a democracy, the government is chosen by people, and therefore the responsibility of choosing a good government depends on them. In the world, in the absence of education, ignorants are encouraged to vote on the wrong person, whose result fails the government once in a while.
6. Prevention of exploitation:
The ideals of democracy will oppose the exploitation of all kinds, but must be removed as political, social and economic exploitation. People with education know their rights and have training to combat exploitation.
7. Protection and transfer of culture:
The continuation of the past is maintained only through the cultural and social heritage passed on to the new generation through education. That is why education for cultural transition is required.
8. Propagating innovations:
The effects of education are found in the dissemination of different innovations. The government has various development programs, especially for weaker sections. Education helps them understand its benefits and implications and voluntarily participate in the programs.
9. Giant leap of literacy:
There has been considerable effort on the part of the government and voluntary organizations to eliminate ignorance from the country's second largest population. Various reading programs and other development programs have provided them with significant progress.
10. Technical skills in the world:
Our scientists have experienced their presence in space research, rocket technology, IT, oceanography and other branches of science and technology of the global calculus. We have developed advanced technologies in areas of health, agriculture, population, education, etc. And we are consultants for many countries in the world. All this has been possible because of the development of education.