Concept of Educational research:

                        According to the Cornell, “Research is, literally speaking a kind of human behavior, an activity which people engage. In education teachers and administrators, scholars or other engaged in educational research when they systematically assemble information about school, school children, the social matrix or the interaction between the school and the pupils”.
                        In other words, educational research refers to a systematic attempt to gain a better understanding of the educational process, with a view to improve its efficiency. Educational research is nothing but an application of scientific method to the study of educational problems or educational thoughts.
                        It means, its scope is limited to educational practices/issues. Since education is a behavioral science, the major concern of educational research is to understand, explain and control human behavior. It is an activity directed towards the development of an organized body of scientific knowledge about the events which educators are concerned.

                        Educational research is systematic, objective and deliberate attempt to answer meaningful questions, pertaining to educational process, forms of organizations and thoughts. The goal of educational research is to discover laws or generalizations concerning educational issues in order to make prediction and control educational events and improve the quality of teaching and learning by taking effective decisions and proper utilization of resource.