Characteristics of the Survey Method

The following are the main characteristics of the survey method of research:
1. The survey method gathers data from a relatively large number of cases at a particular time.
2. It is essentially cross-sectional.
3. It is not concerned with the characteristics of individuals.
4. It involves clearly defined problem.
5. It requires experts imaginative planning.
6. It Involves definite objectives.
7. It requires careful analysis and interpretation of the data gathered.
8. It requires logical and skilful reporting of the findings.
9. Surveys vary greatly in complexity.
10. It does not seek to develop an organised body of scientific principles.
11. It provides information ‘useful to the solution of local problems.
12. It contributes to the advancement of knowledge because affords penetrating insight into the nature of what one is dealing with.
13. It suggests the course of future developments.
14. It determines the present trends and solves current problems.
15. It helps in fashioning many tools with which we do the research