The educational -researches are concerned with three goals and educational research activities are oriented to achieve these three Objectives:
1. Theoretical Objectives
This may be referred to the development of theory. The scientific researches may lead to the establishment of new edifice of knowledge or thoughts. The theoretical research always has implications for future action and should allow the prediction of natural phenomenon. In educational, theoretical bases are given for practice. Theory of education deals with entire framework of Education. Theoretical expansion is essential in the field of education.
2. Factual Objectives
A second objective of educational research is to find out-new facts or the accommodation of new facts. This serves descriptive function. An investigator usually concerns with the objective together specific information through surveys or historical studies. The problems of this nature can be solved  by scientific enquiry.
3. Practical Objectives

When a theory is applied in a action, it is termed as practical purpose. The third objective is to solve a practical problem, which is of immediate concern with an investigator. The purpose is to improve and modify the practice. The applied research and action research focus the attention towards the practical aspects. This objective may be achieved individually or collectively but the purpose is the improvement of current practices. The result of such investigations does not contribute in the fund of knowledge. These are usually personal projects to bring excellence in their own job. The problems may be solved by scientific procedure but critical thinking or trial error procedure may solve some problems.

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