Definition and purpose of hypothesis

The term hypothesis has been defined in several ways. Some important definitions have been given in the following paragraphs:
1.   A tentative supposition or provisional guess “It is a tentative supposition or provisional guess which seems to explain the situation under observation.” – James E. Greighton
2.  A hypothesis is a tentative explaination for certain behaviors, phenomena or the events that have occurred or will occur.  -  L.R.Gay


• It provides a tentative explanation of phenomena and facilitates the extension of knowledge in an area.
 • It provides the investigator with a relational statement that is directly testable in a research study.
 • It provides direction to the research.
 • It provides a framework for reporting conclusions of the study.
• It could be considered as the working instrument of theory. Hypotheses can be deduced from theory and from other hypotheses.
 • It could be tested and shown to be probably supported or not supported, apart from man’s own values and opinions.