Stating and Testing the hypothesis :

A model for stating hypothesis for experimental studies is as under:
Ss            Who get X do better on Y than
Ss            Who do not get X

Whereas           Ss= Subjects
                        X = Independent variable
                        Y = Dependent variable

  •     Testing the Hypothesis

The evidence of the work of hypothesis lies in its abilities to meet test of its validity. The purpose of  testing a hypothesis is to determine the probability that it is supported by fact. Because a hypothesis is a general expectation about the relationship between variables there is an extremely large number of instances under which it can be tested, and it would be impractical to attempt to gain support in all of these instances. A hypothesis is tested through the determination of:
·         Sample
·         Instrument
·         Design
·         Procedures
·         Collection of data
·         Analysis of data
·         Confirmation or disconfirmation of hypothesis