Core Values of Leadership

1. Temperament
A combination of natural genetic traits that always subconsciously, affects our behavior. Temperament is the foundation upon which leaders construct the values of their character and personality.

2. Openness, Honesty & Integrity

Leaders will not always tell people what they want to hear. However the unpleasant the issue, leaders will not be afraid to raise it with them. By doing so leaders can challenge everyone to be different and stand out from the crowd. This will require leaders to insist that everyone is to be open and honest with each other.

3. Passion & Enthusiasm

Intellectual solutions are commonplace and leaders can find them anywhere. A leader’s passion is to help everyone create an organization to engage the heart and soul, not just the mind. Leaders are passionate about the fact that one cannot have the latter without the former anyway! Leaders will help everyone to create their future and build one’s dream.
4. Innovation & Creativity

Leaders dare people to be different, and challenge them to create something unique in their goals. Doing what they have always done will get them what they have always got. Tomorrow is about leading the pack not being part of it.
5. Courage & Humility

To lead an organization takes courage: courage to try new things; courage to make mistakes; courage to admit you don’t know everything; and courage to change knowing that what works today may not work tomorrow. Leaders must work with others to create a lasting leadership legacy, based on courage that will touch peoples’ hearts.
  6. Trust

If leaders can’t trust others and others can’t trust the leader. In that case the organization will not achieve anything of lasting value together. A true partnership is working with others not for the leader.