Factor Affecting Recruitment

The factors affecting recruitment can be classified as internal and external factors.
The internal factors are:
*    Wage and salary policies;
*    The age composition of existing working force;
*    Promotion and retirement policies;
*    Turnover rates;
*    The nature of operations involved the kind of personnel required;
*    The level and seasonality of operations in question;
*    Future expansion and reduction programmers;
*    Recruiting policy of the organization;
*    Human resource planning strategy of the company;
*    Size of the organization and the number of employees employed;
*    Cost involved in recruiting employees, and finally;
*    Growth and expansion plans of the organization.
The external factors are:
*    Supply and demand of specific skills in the labor market;
*    Company’s image perception of the job seekers about the company.
*    External cultural factors: Obviously, the culture may exert considerable check on recruitment. For example, women may not be recruited in certain jobs in industry.
*    Economic factors: such as a tight or loose labor market, the reputation of the enterprise in the community as a good pay master or otherwise and such allied issues which determine the quality and quantity of manpower submitting itself for recruitment.

*    Political and legal factors also exert restraints in respect of nature and hours of work for women and children, and allied employment practices in the enterprise, reservation of Job for SC, ST and so on.