Brief Introduction to History of Teacher Education in China

Chinese people have a history and tradition of respecting teachers and attaching importance to education since the very ancient times.
Teacher education in China only has a history of 100 years
Before 1904: Introduced ideas from abroad
Some ideas and notions about teacher education in other countries (European countries, U.S. and Japan) had been introduced to China gradually.
△1904-1921: Learned from Japan
normal schools: primary school teachers
teacher colleges: secondary school teachers
△1922-1927: Learned from U.S.
Normal schools and regular secondary schools were encouraged to merge into comprehensive secondary schools.
Teacher colleges became independent universities or faculties and departments of universities.
△1928-1949: Explored in a hard time and way
Normal schools became independent again.
There were only 2 institutions for educating secondary school teachers during 1922-1937: Beijing Normal University, Beijing Women’s Normal University.
1949-1966Learned from Russia
◆ There were two kinds of higher education institutions for teacher education:
·        Most of normal (education) colleges and normal junior colleges have upgraded to universities.

Secondary normal schools were  abolished from the beginning of 21st century  and some of them upgraded to junior colleges or universities


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