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Merits of essay type test

·        It is relatively easier to prepare and administer a six-questions extended response essay test than to prepare and administer a comparable 60 item multiple choice test items.
·        It is the only means that can assess an examinee’s ability to organize and present his ideas in a logical and coherent fashion and in effective style.
·        It can be successfully employed for practically all school subjects.
·        Some of the objectives  such as ability to organize idea effectively ability to criticize or justify a statement, ability to criticize or justify a statement, ability to interpret etc. can be measured by this type of test.
·        Logical thinking and critical reasoning, systematic presentation etc. can be best developed by this type of test.
·        Its helps encourage good study habits such as making outlines and summaries.
·        The student can show their initiative, the originality of their thought and the fertility of their imagination, as they are permitted freedom of response.
·        The response of the students need not be completely right or wrong. All degrees of comprehensiveness and accuracy are possible.
·        It largely eliminates guessing.

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