Peer Appraisal

      Peer Appraisal: when students rate their peers, using the same criterion as the teacher.
Two Techniques Used in Peer Appraisal
1. Guess-Who Technique: each student is presented with a series of brief behavior descriptions and asked to name those students who best fit each description. The description is limited to either positive or negative characteristic.
2. Sociometric Technique: a method for assessing the social acceptance of individual students and the structure of a group.
Guidelines for Sociometric Choosing:
A.   The choices should be real choices that are natural parts of classroom activities.
B.   The basis for choice and the restriction on the choosing should be made clear.
C.   All students should equally free to participate in the activity or situation.
     D. The choices each student makes should be kept confidential
     E. The choices should be actually used to organize or rearranges groups.

   3. Sociogram: a way of organizing sociomertic data which can help the teacher organize a classroom group.