Self-Report Techniques

      Personal Interview has two serious problems, First it is extremely time consuming. Second, the information gained is not a standard from for one person to another.
      Self-Report techniques can be useful in subject matter from English to Math.
      Self-Report are most effective if the respondent out both willing and able to report accurately.
      Peer rating and self-report inventories can provide useful information for students performance through tests results, observational data, and other information concerning students.
Other Types of Self-Report
Attitude Measurement: having the students measure how much they enjoy a variety of lessons the teacher teach.
Interest Inventories: when the teacher list the lesson or topic the class will study. The students then rank what they our most interested in studying.
Personality Inventories: when the teacher provides a list of questions to the student individually. This will help the teacher have an idea of the student behavior and their personality towards learning.

Projective Techniques: psychiatric techniques perform by license doctors. Example Rorschach Test.