Advantages of Database Systems

The database system approach has the following advantages
Data independence
The data are logically designed into databases and they are independent of applications. Since the data are program independent, any application can use them without any modification to the code.
• Data shareability
 Database permits simultaneous multiple access to the database. Thus, multiple users can share the same data.
• Data integrity
Access to the database is controlled by the database management system. The system authorizes personnel for entering, editing and deleting data. It also authorizes people to access data for various data processing activities. Since the database stores one data item only in one place and updates it with fresh transaction data automatically, there is little chance of inconsistency in the database.
• Data availability.
The database is centrally controlled and access to data is permitted through an authorization scheme. The data resources are therefore available to the users in the organization subject to the authorization procedure.
• Data evolvability
The database is flexible and can store huge quantity of data. It can evolve as the number of applications and queries increase to meet their data requirements.