Advantages of Word Processing

1. Word processing software produces error-free documents. Word processing software like MS Word marks out errors by underlining the word having error in red ink. If it is grammatical error, such error is marked in green. The user can correct the error. MS Word has. facility to automatically correct errors . It helps the user in producing error free documents.
2. It avoids retyping documents. If there are errors, the errors can be corrected without retyping the whole document. The user can see the document on the screen and manipulate the text until satisfied without retyping the whole document as is required in the case of typewritten documents.
3. It permits in printing multiple copies of the document. Once a document is created, any number of copies can be printed out of it. If the document is printed on dot matrix printer, multiple copies can be produced in just one printing.
4. It permits in checking spelling and grammar automatically. Word processing software checks spelling of words with a built-in dictionary. It allows the user to add new words to the dictionary. The software checks spelling and grammar of the document as the user types in the text. It also suggests a list of words in place of the words wrongly spell. Similarly it suggests grammatically correct sentences for the user to select and insert.
5. It helps in choosing the most appropriate word in a context. If the user does not get the right word to be used in a sentence, he can invoke the built in thesaurus. The thesaurus suggests synonyms for the user to select to replace the word typed in.
6. Facility to generate beautifully formatted documents. The word processing software provides lot of formatting features like page set up facility, headers and footers, font formatting, numbering and bulletins etc.
7. Word processing software provides facility to choose right fonts and format them. It normally contains a large number of font types for the user to choose from. After choosing the right font, the font size can be changed, its fore colour and back colour can be changed, it can be subscripted, superscripted, etc. It also offers numerous special characters to be inserted into the text.
8. Another advantage of word processing is mail merge facility. It helps in personalizing mail if the user sends documents to a large number of people frequently. It saves a lot of labour by avoiding retyping the name and address of the recipients every time the document is sent to them. The address of the people is entered in a document called the data document, and the text in another document. The word processor merges these documents and produces personalized letters.
9. Word processing software permits producing documents in different quality of printing. The printer' options permits in printing draft, near letter quality etc. on dot matrix printers and economy, normal and fine quality in inkjet printers etc.
10. New word processing software like MS Word has additional facilities such as inserting objects from other files and linking of documents through hypertext.