Attributes of Communication

The characteristics of communication can further be explained with understanding of some specific attributes of communication. In general, an attribute is a feature or characteristic of something. Colour, for example, is an attribute of your hair. (Rouse, 2005). Several communication experts including Folarin (2002) highlighted some specific attributes of communication in their works. These attributes are:
1.      Intentional and Unintentional
Communication can be intentional or unintentional. Intentional communication occurs when we communicate with a specific goal in mind. It can be verbal or non verbal. Unintentional on another occurs with the sender unaware of it.
2.      Systematic
Communication follows a specific process starting from the source, through the Channel to the receiver and then the feedback.
3.      Dynamic Process
       Communication is evolving. It improves with time and experience and age.
4.      Interaction and transaction
Communication is both an interaction and transactional process involving a source and receiver that impacts one another in the process of communication.
5.      Personal
Communication strives on making meaning. The source and receiver must have a personal understanding of meaning of signs and symbols they share for communication to be effective.
6.      Continuous
Communication gives life meaning, it comes and end with a person’s life.
7.      Irrevocable
Once a message is sent, it cannot be withdrawn. Only the intended meaning can be changed or modified.
8.      Complex
Communication occurs in many forms and at different levels.
9.      Consummatory
Communication provides satisfaction to the communicator.