Causes of Social Deviation

Ø  Lack in Socialization
Socialization plays vital role in forming a good and responsible citizen. If the process of socialization is not given proper attention then the degree of social deviation increases in society. This is usually due to lack in socialization by the relevant social institution such as family.
Ø  Ridged
If the culture of society is un-flexible and un-compatible to the changing circumstances, the new generation expresses its anxiety over this rigidity. They deviate from such norms e.g. the norm inter caste marriages exchanged.
Ø  Unpopular Social Laws
In some cases the governments intact such laws which may be in the interest of the government but not in the general publics interest. People deliberately deviate from them and protest against such things.
Ø  Extra Ordinary Exploitation
If any group or nation is suffering from extra ordinary exploitation then such group or nation may deviate and protest over the exploitation to attract the attention of the government or international community. e.g. the object of freedom fighter in Kashmir is to attract the attention of Indian Government and international community towards their rights of self determination.
Ø  Cultural Invasion
If a society’s culture is begin invaded in some form to an extreme degree the people deviate from their on cultural patterns and adopt the invaders cultural patterns. E.g. the eastern world is heavily influenced by the western world through media; as a result traces of westernization can be seen in countries such as Pakistan and India.