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Components of Mass Communication

For better understanding of the nature of mass communication, we should analyze its two basic components : the mass and the communication media.
         Þ    The Mass
        The concept “mass’’ in mass communication is defined as a large, heterogeneous, assorted,   anonymous audience.
         Þ    ‘Large’ means we can’t exactly count the number of the members of audience. It is relatively large but it doesn’t mean that the audience includes all people.
         Þ    ‘Heterogeneous’ means the audience of mass media includes all types of people – the rich, the poor, farmers, bureaucrats, politicians and so on.
        Þ    Assorted’ means the audience of mass media is not necessarily limited to a particular geographical sector. They may be scattered everywhere. For example, a newspaper may have a reader in every nook and corner of the world.
        Þ    ‘Anonymous’ means we can’t specifically identify a reader of a newspaper of newspaper with his certain characteristics. Today he may be reader of a particular newspaper. Tomorrow, he may change his media habit. Anybody at any time may be a member of mass media audience.
The channels of communication that produce and distribute news, entertainment content, visuals and other cultural products to a large number of people. Mass media can be classified in to three major groups on the basis of their physical nature.
·         Print Media like newspaper, magazines and periodicals, books etc.
·         Electronic like radio, cinema, television, video and audio records
·       Digital Media like CD RoMs, DVDs and the Internet facilities.

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