Criteria of Evaluating Historical Research

A number of criteria may be used to evaluate the adequacy of historical research. The following are the major points to evaluate such researches:
1. Has the problem been defined clearly? Is the problem capable of solution? Is it the competence of the investigator?
2. Are the data of a primary nature available in sufficient completeness to provide a solution or has there been over dependence on secondary or unverifiable source?
3. Has the dependability of the data been adequately established? Has the relevance of the data been adequately explored ?
4. Does the author display adequate mastery of his data and insight into their relative significance? Does he display adequate historical perspective? Does he maintain his objectivity? Does he see the relationship between his data and other historical facts?

5. Does the style of writing attract as well as inform? Does the report make a contribution on the basis of newly discovered data or new interpretation? Does it reflect scholarliness?