Curriculum Evaluation

Curriculum evaluation refers to the collection of information on which judgment might be made about the worth and the effectiveness of a particular programme. It includes, of course, actually making those judgments so that decision might be made about the future of programme, whether to retain the programme as it stand, modify it or throw it out altogether. Stocked approaches curriculum evaluation through a conceptual analysis of the term “Evaluation”, in his analysis, he identifies four central features of evaluation given under:
1. Evaluation is appraisal in which we make judgment.
2. Such judgments are made in the light of criteria.
3. Criteria issue from, and are appropriate in respect of particular contents.
4. Such Criteria embody human resources, and evaluation model, therefore, inform decisions.
Evaluation conceived in this manner is an integral part of curriculum development, beginning with the concern about objective and ending with assessment of their attainment.