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Functions of Communication

Considering the essentially of communication, scholars enumerated the following functions of it.
a) Education:
To transfer knowledge for the progress of the society (Example: class room communication)
b) Information:
To find and explain some thing new (Example: News media)
c) Cultural promotion :
 To help foster social values and pass them from generation to generation (Example: Festivals, parties, celebrations)
d) Social contact:
To help make enjoyable companionship (Example: Friendship, clubs, organizations etc.)
e) Integration:
To create harmonious relationships among various social groups (Example: Political parties, conferences, meetings etc.)
f) Stimulation:
To create interest and develop positive thinking /behavior(Example: Advertisements)
g) Counseling:
To alleviate anxiety and lead to better ways (Example: guidance, consolation etc.)
h) Expression of emotions
 (Example: crying, smiling etc)
i) Entertainment:
To help pass time and enjoy life (Example: drama, song etc.)
j) Control function:
 To get someone to behave in an appropriate way (Example: management, censorship etc)

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