Computers have their effect on individuals, organizations and society. The impact in terms of benefits and harmful effects are discussed in the following section.
1. Computers and individuals
Computer is a tool for enhancing human capability. It can perform intellectual (for example, decision-making) as well as physical tasks (cheque sorting). It is highly versatile and its use is limited by human imagination.
2. Benefits to Individuals
Professionals like doctors, engineers, teachers, legal practitioners and accountants are benefited in many ways. Specialized applications for these professionals help increase their efficiency. For example, a doctor can be at his home and treat his patient online, perform surgery through the help of robots at a distant hospital etc. A teacher can help thousands of students use his materials and lecture classes through computer networks. An engineer can develop designs for buildings easily and quickly. Legal practitioners use computers for preparing their briefs. They are also immensely helped by the database of court verdicts in preparing their briefs. Consumers get better and quicker service at service counters like at railway stations (booking on any train from any of the booking counters, cancelling tickets from any booking counter etc.) and bank counters or through Internet banking
etc. Digital library, interactive online classrooms, multimedia presentations, online examinations etc. have revolutionized learning process for students. Farmers can plan crops based on cropping pattern in other regions and countries so that the crop they produce fetches better prices.
Fishermen use computer-based information on weather and fish movement for increasing their catch.
3. Harmful effects
Computer causes some harmful effects for the individual. Some of these are mentioned below.
  • Computers increase efficiency. 
  • It increases the leisure time available for people.
  •  It makes people lazy by doing things much quicker and more efficiently. 
  • They depend less and less on their brainpower. Too much dependence on computer over a long period may lead to loss of memory and mental skills. 
  • Computer skill has become an essential qualification for many jobs. Hence every job seeker is forced to acquire computer skill even though one might have an inherent dislike for it.
  •  Loss of importance at work place is another fallout of the computerization. As computer steals away the individual roles at work places, the employees might feel insignificant and helpless. It will add to their stress and frustration. The individuals will be exposed to some heath hazards like radiation etc.
  •  Frequent and continuous use of computer exposes the individual to certain health problems due to radiation and also due to faulty sitting and working postures.
4. Computers and organizations
Organizations that use computer are benefited in a number of ways. It is used in every area of business starting from data entry to strategic decision-making.