Impact of Culture on Education

 As mentioned above, culture and education have a give and take relationship. Both compliments and supplements each other in various aspects. The following are some of the influences of culture on education.
1. The aims and ideals of education are mostly determined by the values and patterns of society.
2. Curriculum is conditioned according to the culture of society. It is framed according to the ideals and needs of the society to realize the cultural values.
3. Methods of teaching and culture are intimately connected. The changing cultural patterns of a society exert powerful influence upon the methods of teaching also. The shift from the old teacher centered teaching to child centered education is an example. Socialized methods like project method, seminar, symposium, discussion, etc. are widely used in the teaching learning process because of the influence of culture.
4. Discipline is also influenced by the cultural values. The present cultural patterns of thinking and living are directly linked to our concept of discipline. The concept of repressive discipline of ancient and Middle Ages has been replaced by the modern values of life.
5. Text books which are written according to the formulated curriculum and promote and foster cultural ideals and values are welcomed.
6. Teacher who has imbibed the cultural ideals and values of the society only can achieve his mission successfully. Only such teacher is able to infuse higher ideals and moral values in children.
7. School is a miniature of society. The total activities and programmes of the school are organized according to the cultural ideals and values of society. Hence school is the center of promoting, molding, reforming and developing the cultural patterns of the society.