Levels Of Thinking Of SOLO Taxonomy

SOLO (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) is a model of learning that helps develop a common understanding & language of learning that helps teachers (and students) understand the learning process.In pairs arrange the five statements about assessment for learning in order of understanding
  “SOLO Taxonomy provides a simple and healthy way of describing how learning outcomes grow in complexity from surface to deep understanding”(Biggs & Collis 1982 )
1- Surface Level Thinking.
Unistructural and multistructural questions test students’ surface thinking. (Lower-Order Thinking Skills). (LOTS).
2- Deep Level Thinking.
Relational and extended abstract questions test deep thinking. (Higher-Order Thinking Skills). (HOTS).
Use of Solo allows us to balance the cognitive demand of the questions we ask and to support students into deeper thinking and metacognition.
SOLO model of learning