Computer is, no doubt, a marvellous tool. Yet it has some limitations. Some of the major limitations of computer are as follows.
1. Computer cannot think on its own. It has to be given instructions to perform any operation. Research is currently underway to impart artificial intelligence to computer. Once this becomes possible computer will be thinking on its own, then it will be a reasonable replication of human mind.
2. It does not have intuition. It cannot draw a conclusion without going through all intermediate steps.
3. It can do a task only if it can be expressed in a series of finite steps leading to the completion of the task.
 4. Similarly, it cannot handle a situation where a finite number of steps generate an impossibly large number of computational operations.
5. It cannot learn from experience. It will commit the same error repeatedly and cannot learn from experience. But changes are taking place in this area as research progresses on artificial intelligence.