Mumford workers' needs

By breaking up Maslow's and Alderfer's broad variables, Mumford (1976) suggested that workers have following needs that might offer insight into the nature of motivation in workplace.
 1. Knowledge Needs:
Works that utilize their knowledge and skills.
 2. Control Needs:
Which are satisfied by the provision of information, good working condition and high quality supervision.
 3. Psychological Needs:
Such as the needs for recognition, responsibility status
4. Task Needs:
 It includes need for meaningful work and some degree of autonomy.
5. Moral Needs:
Includes that workers have to be treated in the way that employers themselves wished to be treated.
 After summarizing Mumford's theory it comes to the light that employees has many expectations from the employers and an employee wants to satisfy his/her needs not only related to the work but related to the worker himself.