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Writing a research report is very challenging task for the researcher. A good research report requires sufficient-experience and insight about his research activities. A research report is needed due to the following reasons:
• The research must be reported in full and its results should be subjected to a criticism and verification.
• The research work is done for the benefit of human being, therefore, it must be communicable to the general public for the practical use.
• The research should be considered to be the culminating act for reflective thinking. It encourages other persons to take up some problem for further investigation.
• The research report requires the creative thinking of a researcher to review the related studies and discussing the result of the study and also suggest some new problems for further studies.
• The research report is also necessary for giving shape and form to the investigation and solidifying it.
• It is needed for providing a clear picture of research method, sample and techniques used in conducting the research work.
• The research report is meant for popularizing the new contributions in the discipline.

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