Every society has its own changing socio – cultural needs and requires an education to meet these needs. Today‘s needs are conservation of resources, environmental protection, global citizenship etc. Therefore education caters towards meeting of these different needs. Since the needs of the society change education also changes. Hence there is need for studying sociology of education. It helps in understanding:
1. Work of School and Teachers and its relation to society, social progress and development .
2. Effect of Social Elements on the working of school and society.
3. Effect of Social Elements on the life of individuals .
4. Construction of Curriculum in relation to the cultural and economic needs of the society .
5. Democratic ideologies present in different countries.
6. Need for understanding and promoting international culture.
7. Development of Society through the formulation of various rules and regulations and understanding of culture and traditions .
8. Need for Promotion of Social Adjustment.
9. The effect of social groups, their interrelation and dynamics on individuals .