Phases of the Students Assessment Process

1. Preparation Phase:
       In the preparation phase, decisions are made which identify what is to be evaluated,
       the type of assessment (formative, summative, or diagnostic) to be used, the most appropriate assessment techniques with which to gather information on student progress.
      The teacher's decisions in this phase form the basis for the remaining phases.
 2. The Assessment Phase:
       the teacher identifies information-gathering techniques
      constructs or selects instruments,
       administers them to the student
       and collects the information on student learning progress.
3. The Evaluation Phase:
      During the evaluation phase, the teacher interprets the assessment information and makes judgments about student performance and progress. Based on the judgments or evaluations, teachers make decisions about student learning programs and report on progress to students, parents, and appropriate school personnel.
4. The Reflection Phase:
      The reflection phase allows the teacher educator to consider the extent to which the previous phases in the evaluation process have been successful.
      Such reflection assists the teacher in making decisions concerning improvements or modifications to subsequent teaching and evaluation (EMI Ecosystem Management Initiative,2004).