The scope of sociology of education is vast.
·        It is concerned with such general concepts such as society itself, culture, community, class, environment, socialization, internalization, accommodation, assimilation, cultural lag, sub-culture, status, role and so forth.
·        It is further involved in cases of education and social class, state, social force, cultural change, various problems of role structure, role analysis in relation to the total social system and the micro society of the school such as authority, selection, and the organization of learning, streaming, curriculum and so forth.
·        It deals with analysis of educational situations in various geographical and ethnological contexts. Eg. Educational situations in rural, urban and tribal areas, in different parts of the country/world, with the background of different races, cultures etc.
·        It helps us to understand the effectiveness of different educational methods in teaching students with different kinds of intelligences.
·        It studies the effect of economy upon the type of education provided to the students. Eg. education provided in IB, ICSE, SSC, Municipal schools
·        It helps us to understand the effect of various social agencies like family, school on the students.
·        It studies the relationship between social class, culture, language, parental education, occupation and the achievement of the students
·        It studies the role and structure of school, peer group on the personality of the students
·        It provides an understanding of the problems such as racism, communalism, gender discrimination etc.
·        It studies the role of schools in socialization of the students.
·        It suggests ways to develop national integration, international understanding, the spirit of scientific temper , globalization among the students
·        It promotes research studies related to planning, organization and application of various theories in education.
All these are the concerns of education and sociology as inseparable discipline focusing on the problems of the society.