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This blog created for educational purposes. Info4mystery archive and support student, teacher, Educationalists, Scholars, and other people for learning by facilitating reflection, questioning by self and others, collaboration and by providing contexts for engaging in higher-order thinking. BestMark Mystery

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Stage 1 #    Pre-professional preparation
- Secondary schools
- Career-guidance courses
Stage 2 #  Secondary professional education
- Teacher training specialized schools and colleges
Stage 3 #  Higher professional education: bachelor’s degree
- Bachelor’s degree (as additional)
- Bachelor’s degree (as principal)
Stage 4 #  Higher professional education: master’s degree
- Master’s degree in some other sphere
- Master’s degree in pedagogy:
-Psychology and pedagogy of higher education
-Psychology and pedagogy education
-Pedagogy education
Stage 5#   Post-university professional education
- Second higher education degree in pedagogy
- Additional qualification in pedagogy
- advanced training courses
- Post-graduate studies

- Doctorate studies 

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