A well written abstract is a great service to every one who is going through the research process. Abstracts are main method which is used to communicate research findings and contributions to the works of the field studied. Generally a researcher has to prepare an abstract after completing his research thesis or report. There are two procedures in this regard:
• The abstract is provided in the main body of the research report in the form of last chapter of the thesis.
• The abstract or summary of the report is prepared separately in a booklet form.
Most of the universities require some copies of the abstract at the time of a submission of a thesis for evaluation purpose. It facilitates the examiners or experts to evaluate a research thesis properly.
Need of an Abstract
The following are the main advantages of a research abstract:
1. Generally research reports are voluminous and hence these require time and energy to go through them. An abstract provides the awareness of the research work at a glance. It facilitates the readers and other research works to comprehend it easily and quickly. It means to communicate a research contribution in the field.
2. The experts or examiners make use of the abstract in evaluating research thesis. ‘It communicates the work done by researcher and review same of the aspects wherever they require further clarifications.
The abstracts are used by other researchers of the field to review the studies conducted in this area. It is an economical device far reviewing the related studies. The research papers are prepared with the help of the abstract. These papers are published in research journals and papers to disseminate the knowledge in the area.
The research organizations universities and institutes can register the research abstracts for financial assistance. The research thesis is approved for publication and the basis of reviewing abstract and financial assistance is granted for its publication.