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Demerits of Questionnaire

·         Low response:-
The mailed questionnaire has low responses.
·         Limited validity of data:-
If mailed response is less than  40% its is considered invalid.
·         No clarification:-
In case of interview, clarification can be made of ambiguous questions but in questionnaire there is no provision of clarification.
·         Emotional Topics:-
It is not helpful in finding information about complex emotional subjects. People don’t like to put up their personal feelings in black and white.
·         Body Language remains noticed:-
The behavior, gestures, emotions and reactions remain unnoticed.
·         Lack of Motivation:-
The questionnaire has no potential to motivate the respondents to be stuck on specific issue. While in interview it can be.
·         Lacks representative sample:-
The respondents who are literate, responsible and research minded people will choose to respond.
·         Delicate Issues:-
It is impossible to put down certain delicate issues in writing.

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