Merits of Questionnaire

1. Economical:-
It is economical way of collecting information in terms of less time,effort and cost.
2. High Coverage:-
It is the best tool for scattered subjects. It has wide coverage of subject. It makes possible contacts to wide range data.
3.  Group Administration:-
It allows group administration and covers a large group of data.
4. Ease:-
It is easy to plan,construct and administer
5. Dependability:-
It is regarded as dependable when use to obtain statements of facts.
6. Personal information:-
Personal information can be obtained when respondents are allowed to omit name and signature and assured that their names will be kept confidential.
7. Responses at leisure time:-
Respondents are given free hand to response. They are not restricted for immediate response.
8. Validity of responses:-
The written responses in language of respondents increase the validity. It is more evident as compared to other tools.
9. Great potentiality:-
The questionnaire has more potentiality when it is used properly. It is easy to tabulate and administer.