Homework takes up most of the time, our energy and our school days, lectures and homework; when we need to finish our day? It's just not trying, but actually kills us. We have every, yes every day, for weeks and months to welcome our beloved summer vacation.
The months before the summer is spent thinking about during school hours, off teachers, lectures, classes and off from homework. How to spend valuable time with ourselves? We can go out, watch movies, play unlimited time and can even visit different cities; If you are lucky, even countries. But wait, there's one thing that will not stop chasing us.
Why on earth do we get homework during the summer holidays, when every teacher knows that students will spend their homework just last week. We tend to all shocked and worried last week and begin scratching the copies that had to be performed during our holiday.
While it is all about summer vacation, it should be noted that the homework has become so stressful day our daily routine was heavily damaged. The students, after their day at school, back to their desks as they read at home, because the homework they get too much. It is not healthy for children. The school will think that it is important for students buried in books as a result of the competition to keep them, but all work and no play can be dangerous for young minds and bodies. Too much homework no recreational activity can lead to stress, depression and anxiety in the late teens and early twenties.
More homework means more stress. Lack of sleep, depression slipping grades and more: Stress can be a wide range of topics, including reasons. A teenager should not confront depression at such a young age.