Boolean Search Operators

  Information searching in most database is based on the principle of Boolean logic (the logic of relationship among terms)
  (AND, OR, NOT)
  Boolean operators improve search result by broadening, narrowing and excluding search results
OR Operator
  OR operator broadens search result.
  Eg. Search black OR picture cards
  As a result you will get cards that contain one of the given search term or both
AND Operator (+)
  AND operator tends to narrow a search and make it focused. The more concepts combined in a search with AND logic, the fewer records  will be retrieved.
  Eg. search red AND picture cards
  From this search you will find cards that contain both the given search terms.
  NOT Operator (-)
  NOT operator exclude documents that contain the keywords a searcher would not like to appear in the documents.
  Eg. Search black NOT picture cards

  From this search you will exclude unwanted cards and find only not pictured black cards