Disadvantages of computer

Ø  Excessive use of computers by students lack of verbal and non-verbal signals necessary for the development of social and emotional skills.
      Ø  Lead to decreased educational effectiveness in a classroom and cause problems down the line with the child's education.
      Ø  When the computer is being used in the study, there are tendencies that effective teaching is lost between teachers and students. This is due to the intervention of the attention given by the students of computer equipment. In other words, the computer can be a barrier to communication between teachers and students.
       Ø  The gap between the rich and the poor may also be affected, because the computer equipment that is rarely accessible to the poor students, while benefits are obvious to rich students usually study the leading schools and universities, typically computers and internet facilities.
      Ø  This leads to a kind of discrimination, because the rich students usually have their own personal computers, while poor students do not have. It is seen in particular in developing countries, where the majority of students do not own their home computers.
      Ø There are certain health disturbances associated with computers. Among these are the eye fatigue, repetitive motion injuries and much more. Computer integration in teaching and learning can also be a number of problems for students to use to give vision or poor vision.
       Ø  Another consideration is that the basics are sometimes neglected. An example is the use of spelling and grammar toll in word processing software that allows students to rely on the computer machines instead of doing operations on their own as a way to improve their learning.